AirParrot 2 released, gets new UI and features

Squirrels has announced this week that their famous screen mirroring application Airparrot received a much needed ovehaul. AirParrot 2 is now available for Mac, Windows and Chrome. Those who are using AirParrot can upgrade to version 2 after paying $9 while new users need to pay $14.99 (Windows or Mac). Apart from a UI overhaul, AirParrot 2 introduces new features and new ways to share/display content. To see what all has changed, head to this page for quick comparison between version 1 and 2. ​New users can purchase AirParrot 2 from the Squirrels store.


Users can now beam content to Chromecast, Apple TV, Reflector/AirPlay enabled speakers. AirParrot 2 can stream music to media receivers and it supports surround sound streaming. Users can connect from any number of destinations simultaneously and send content anywhere (eg: beaming music to multiple receivers). Bluetooth Discovery and Quick Connect can be used to make devices to pair without any headache and easily connect AirParrot to Reflector.



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