Any mobile can catch fire! Here are Top 5 reasons!

Smartphones going up in flames is a hot new trending topic. We have been having smartphones for over a decade now and in the past two years, we hear news about a lot of mobiles going up in flame. It is not just the cheap smartphones, even the most expensive ones like the iPhone or Samsung Note 7 have gone up in flames! While the media puts all the blame on the mobile manufacturers, let me shift the weight and tell you a few reasons that make us responsible as well.

mobile on fire

#1 Cheap third party chargers

We spend a lot of time in deciding the best mobile. But after buying a mobile, if we lose the original charger, we don’t think twice before buying a cheap charger off the market. With mobile batteries becoming larger in capacity, the ions are packed very densely. Mobile manufacturers make sure that there are safety circuits in the chargers and on the mobile phone which talk to each other while charging. During charging, if any kind of anomalies is detected, these chargers break the circuit and protect the battery. But the cheap chargers may not have any kind of circuit protecting the battery. Even using them once or occasionally can cause permanent damage to your mobile.

#2 Unauthorised servicing

The state of mobile servicing in India is bad. There are not many brands who give a good service promise and keep it up. Sometimes servicing can be an expensive affair. So we are forced to go to that corner shop and get it fixed. Even worse, we watch some DIY youtube videos and end up with tools in our hands. While this may be an inexpensive way of solving a mobile hardware or software issues, this can lead to serious issues in the long run.

#3 Cheap modifications

Every single mobile out there look the same and in order make a style statement, we tend to make modifications on the mobile. Vinyl stickers or cheap cases can block air vents like speaker holes and hamper heat dissipation. Never cover your mobile completely. Always stay with simple back cases and make sure that skins or vinyl stickers don’t block any holes or slots.

#4 Accidental damages

While unauthorized servicing and cheap modifications, lead to negligent damages, accidental damages can also not be ruled out. A simple drop can cause internal damage to your mobile and its battery. With mobiles becoming large in size, if they have a weak body structure, they can bend easily even while kept in a pocket. Such bends and damages can cause permanent structural damage to the mobile’s battery. This is one of the major reasons for battery blasts. If you detect any physical deformations in the mobile, do not charge it. Take it to the nearest authorized service center and get it checked.

#5 Dirty mobile

Mobiles need regular cleaning. Static current can attract dust and it can block heat dissipation mechanisms in the mobiles. Sweat, saliva, oil or food can get accumulated in microscopic gaps in the mobile and hamper in heat dissipation. If you are using a back case, remove it regularly and clean your mobile. If you are not using any case, you must still clean your mobile with a soft brush along the holes and lint-free cloth with an alcohol-based cleaning solution.

There are 5 simple things that we can take care to avoid mobiles from going up in flames. Apart from this, you must also avoid keeping your mobile in direct sunlight or hot environments for a long time. Manufacturing defects, logistical issues, package defects and damages in transit are some of the other reasons that are beyond a consumer’s actions. Always buy mobiles from reliable brands. Make sure that you have access to good after-sales service, proper accessories and official chargers, before buying a mobile.

Have a safe mobile!

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