APUS Launcher Review : Lightweight and fast

APUS system, launched back in 2014, has been steadily gaining popularity and has one of the most downloaded launcher application available in Google Play Store. The APUS launcher is central to the system and is downloaded more than 100 million times from Google Play Store. Unlike some launchers, the APUS Launcher comes with plethora of features and in this review, we take a look at how good the launcher is. To download APUS, head to this play store link.

TOP Features of APUS Launcher

  • Launcher themes for android
  • Stylish & Personalized
  • 19 Languages Supported 
  • Fast & Efficient
  • 50,000+ free launcher wallpapers
  • Clean & Organized interface
  • One-tap boost
  • Hide Apps & App lock
  • Battery Saver
  • Quick search
  • Hot videos
  • TOP news
  • Smart Folder
  • All apps (drawer)
  • Flashlight


When you enable APUS System as your default launcher, you get the home screen with three pages. Main page contains full list of apus apps/tools. At the bottom, there is the usual dock. At the top of main screen, you will see APUS’s own search bar. APUS Know icon hangs from the top on home screen and reminds you of important calendar events and trending news. You can pull it down to see list of trending news and other stuff.

To access settings, long press anywhere on the home screen. This will take you to the settings section. From here, you can change various design elements like themes, icon packs, gestures etc. You can also change various launcher settings like search settings, apps notification settings etc. 


APUS System is lighting fast. In fact, this is one of the fastest launchers that I ever used. To make it even faster, you can switch to classic flip screen transition effect. There is a performance tuning option in apus settings. Go to more settings -> other settings. Change performance tuning to ‘Best Performance’. If you want best appearance, switch this to ‘best appearance’.

APUS Toolset

APUS System comes with plethora of tools. Let me cover the ones that are most useful.


Discover popular apps, cool people around your location and lastly interesting videos watched by people nearby with APUS Discovery feature. Save time and follow trends made easy. This feature shows you list of apps and videos that are trending in your locality. I really doubt the validity of this feature.

It shows what are the apps and videos that are accessed within vicinity of 5kms. If this is accurate, it scares me as this detail cannot be retrieved without capturing individual’s smartphone usage. This means that somehow, APUS system is tracking videos and apps used by those who had installed this launcher.


The themes and wallpapers available in this store is truly impressive. The best part is that none of these are paid. You get full access to every single wallpaper and theme in this store.

APUS Search bar

Type in search bar, or swipe up in home-screen to instantly find apps for your phone and tablets, search the web, and play with fun games and apps. Switching between different search engines is very easy in this. This is one feature that I like most about APUS System. Tap on the search bar to search for what you want and you will also see your recent apps and a list of trending news and popular searches.


APUS System is great w.r.t performance and features but it is filled with ads. There are too many ads and majority of these ads are intrusive. On home screen, there is this tiny emoji icon on the left side and it wont go away. There are ads in notification bar, there are ads in know how, there are pop up ads, there are ads in the search bar, there are ads in app drawer. Heck, there are ads even in APUS settings section.

When you switch to a different launcher, you get annoying pop up ads asking you to switch back to APUS, you get notifications asking you to switch back to APUS.

Also, for APUS to work, it needs access to calendar, camera, contacts, location, sms, storage, telephone in your smartphone. Compare this to Nova that only needs access to storage in your phone to function.


APUS launcher is very good for those who do not mind ads flying everywhere and want truckload of features. Features like Discovery, apus store, themes and wallpaper store etc are very good. The performance and speed is definitely among the best. For those who prefer to have a clean launcher, this is not for you. The launcher is one of the most intrusive ones that we ever used. There are ads every where pushing you to switch to APUS’s ecosystem.



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