ASUS ROG Zephyrus is the world’s slimmest gaming machine

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is a lineup of high-performance gaming machines from Asus. Asus ROG introduced the thinnest Gaming laptop in India: Zephyrus. Zephyrus is the world’s thinnest gaming machine at just 16.9 mm. It is powered by a 7th generation Intel i7 Kaby Lake processor. It has a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics card. This windows based machine is the first machine to feature the NVidia Max-Q design and WhiperMode based drivers technology.

rog zephyrus

Max-Q technology is inspired by NASA’s technology of aerodynamics. It aids the laptops to have the thinner form factor and powerful performance. Basically, gaming machines can be lean and mean at the same time. Laptops with Max-Q design supports the entire GeForce gaming platform.

A gaming laptop is always a high performing machine. High performance generates a lot of heat. To dissipate heat, historically gaming machines have used large cooling systems with vents and ports to dissipate heat. But the ROG Zephyrus uses an Active Aerodynamic System that runs the system at very cool temperatures. Asus assures that the machine will not cross 40 degrees even on intense gaming. When the lid is opened the vents open up at the bottom to give extra space for the heat to dissipate. Also, the location of the keyboard is different. The keys are placed at the bottom part of the base. It has an innovate touch pad which can act as num keys at a toggle of a switch.

rog zephyrus

The keyboard is a full RGB backlit setup with customizable zones over WASD and QWER key groups. The keys have anti-ghosting and are designed for extreme gaming. The display is a 15.6-inch screen with 120 Hz refresh rate. There are not many gaming laptops out there with such high refresh rates. The laptop is priced at Rs 299990.

rog zephyrus

Asus unveiled the ROG Zephyrus during the ROG Gaming Master 2017 tournament South Asia Finals in Bangalore. The event hosted Counter Strike and Dota 2 gaming tournament. The mega event saw participation from team across India, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. The prize pool for the tournament was Rs 1000000.

rog zephyrus

rog zephyrus



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