Best third party wall charger – Aukey 3 Port USB Wall Charger

If you have more than 2 devices that need charging regularly, you might find your self in a spot struggling to find the power points. I have 2 mobiles and my wife has one. Everyday when I get up, I need to charge my mobiles and so does my wife. We have 3 chargers, but we have only 2 kid safe places, where these devices can get themselves charged. This might be your story as well, or you are travelling and you have more than 2 devices with you, but the hotel room has only one power point. Eitherways, you must definitely consider getting the Aukey (PA-T2) 3 Port USB Wall Charger. 

Like the other Aukey products, which I use, this charger also comes in a compact eco-friendly package. It comes with a micro-USB cable, which is of very good quality. If you have a lightning port or USB-C compatible device, you can use your own cable. The charging brick, is big and it weighs 85 grams. But you get to carry one charger in place of three. The Aukey PA-T2 has 3 USB ports and one of them is the QC 2.0 port. The 2 other ports are fast charging ports as well. Aukey calls them Ai ports. These Ai ports deliver upto 2.4A even when all the ports are used at the same time. The current delivery is based on the battery percentage of the device and that is why its is called Ai. The QC port can deliver 5V @2A, or 9V @2A, or 12V @1.5A. The Ai port can deliver 5V @2.4A. In total, the device can deliver a max of 42W of power when used simultaneously.

It has a bunch of safety features like protection against power surges, overvoltage, short circuits and overcharging. I connect my Samsung S7 Edge, Asus Zenfone 3 and my wife’s Le 2. At about 1:30 hours, all three devices gets charged over 80% and I plug them out. Even when I am travelling, I take this charger with me as I can use it to charge my Amazfit watch, Camera and Mobile.

This is the best third-party charger you can get off the market. With all the fake chargers floating around, you can choose this charger with assurance of safety and convenience. If you don’t need 3 ports, there are 2 ports and 1 port options available. Do search for them in Amazon India. In US, these chargers come with 24 months warranty, but are these are imported and sold here, you may not get warranty.

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I have also been using the Aukey charger for car, for over 2 years now and I find it very reliable.



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