10 ways to avoid over-heating in your Android mobile

Before I tell you about the way to avoid heating in your Android mobile, let me tell you about heating and why it is an issue. Android mobiles are becoming more powerful these days. Research and Development in every mobile company is pushing the limits of engineering. Mobiles are becoming powerful, thinner and cheaper. Some mobile phones have specifications that are powerful than many home PCs. Yet they are small and pocket-able. To give a boost to the design aesthetics, mobile are becoming thinner and also use of metal body has now become quite normal. Battery capacity is another point to be noted. We see large batteries cramped inside slim mobiles. But the cost of mobiles are competitive. In order to manufacture a cheap mobile, manufacturers are cutting costs in the internals. On the flip side of the argument, even the most expensive of them, gets over-heated. But first let us define heat.

What is Heating issue?

If a mobile get unbearably hot to hold in the hands, it is a heating issue. If you have not opened any apps or haven’t done anything on the mobile, yet it gets warm, it is a heating issue. If you play games or use camera on the mobile for over 30 minutes and the mobile temperature rises, then there is no issue here. It is quite normal. If your ambient temperature is hot and the mobile is also hot, then it does not quality to be a heating issue. So if your room temperature is comfortable, you have not used any apps on your mobile and the mobile is like a hot potato, you have a heating issue to deal with and here is how we can fire fight.

mobile over heating

#1.  Close the apps running on the background

Well, this is not the multitasking application window. These are apps that are running their services in the background. Even if you close some applications, they may be actively running their services in the background. To find and weed them out, go to setting and find the section with “Running Apps”. If you don’t find in your version of Android or the Skin that your OEM has applied, you can use Greenify App. This app stops all the app services that is running on the background. However, Greenify works the best on rooted mobile.

#2 Disable connectivity features

Not every single hour of the day, you would need the GPS or Bluetooth to be on. You may be at out of a Wifi zone and on mobile data, but why do you need WiFi to be enabled? These connectivity functions keep scanning for connections. If you are not using them, they must be disabled. This will not only solve heating issues, but will also give you a better battery life.

mobile over heating

#3 Charge sensibly

Most of the heating issues are due to abusing the battery. Do not over-charge the battery. Maintain a healthy charge cycle, by charging the mobile between 30 and 80%. Use only original chargers. Do not charge frequently with your laptop or computer’s USB port. These ports are not designed for charging the mobile. They don’t provide enough current and are like slow cooking your battery. Use them only incase of emergency. Use branded power banks. Basically, take care of your battery and it will take care of your mobile.

mobile over heating

#4 Remove unwanted apps

Do not install every single app from the store. Use only apps that you need and install only if you are going to use it regularly. Read reviews of app, before installing it. Some mobiles like Samsung, Asus comes with lot of pre-installed apps. Disable them, if you can’t uninstall them. I don’t want Facebook on my mobile. But Samsung won’t let me uninstall it. I have disabled it.

#5 Stay away from memory cleaning and battery optimizing apps

Apps like Battery monitor, Clean master are quite popular and these apps do nothing but run in the background. Uninstall all these apps and you would find your mobile thanking you.

#6 Disable Notifications

Not every app needs to keep notifying you. Go to setting and under “Notifications”, choose the apps that you want to see notification from. This is by default enabled for all the apps. So keep a close watch on this and disable notifications.

#7 Disable Auto Sync

Mails and Social Media accounts keeps syncing in the background and constantly checking for mails or social updates. If you find that unnecessary, you can disable auto-sync in those apps. Go go Settings > Accounts > [specific account] and disable auto-sync. You can also disable auto-sync from notifications tray in some mobiles.

#8 Keep your mobile updated

Some mobile manufacturers keep updating their firmware regularly and fixing bugs. Heating is sometimes a software issue and these updates can be fixed. So, once an update is out, check the change logs and if you think that it can solve your heating issue, go ahead and apply the patch.

#9 Remove homescreen widgets and live wallpaper

Homescreen widgets and Live wallpapers are apps running constantly on the background. They are unwanted app and you can go ahead and remove/disable them.

#10 Shutdown for a few min and then restart

If your mobile is heating up and you are not able to reduce the heat, by following steps 1-9. then try shutting it down for a while and then restart it. This may kill some unwanted processes and help breathe fresh life to the mobile.

If none of these steps is helping you, you are having a defective unit. Take it to the service center or get it replaced. I know a friend who replaced here Nexux 5, five times and the 6th one was good. So it could be a case of defective batch of mobile. If you found any other way of reducing the heat in a mobile, do let us know in the comment section below.

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