Billion Capture Plus – Fails to capture anything good – Review

Flipkart is one of India’s favorite places to buy a new mobile. Flipkart started the trend of selling mobiles online in India. Apart from mobiles, Flipkart sells almost everything a consumer would want. They have their own brand for many products, but now they wanted to have their own brand of mobiles. With years of experience and a vast database of consumer feedback, Flipkart, ideally should have come up with a mobile phone that ticks in every department. Billion Capture Plus is the first mobile from Flipkart, that is born out of this idea in collaboration with Smartron. Does this mobile satisfy the needs of an Indian consumer? Is it the ideal mobile we have all been waiting for? Let’s check out in this review.

Design Department – Does not impress

The Billion Capture + is quite a long name for a mobile model. It is priced at Rs 10999 for the 3+32GB variant and Rs 12999 for the 4+64GB variant. It has a metal body design. It is a bulky mobile with a thick form factor. It does not look like a stylishly designed mobile. It is thick, heavy and feels like a brick in the hand. It has USB-C port at the bottom and not many mobiles in this segment have it. The fingerprint sensor at the back is fast and accurate. The mono speaker is loud but of average quality. It is a sturdy mobile, but not very stylish. Though it has a unique design identity, it does not come out as a well-designed mobile.

Display Department – Passes

It has a 5.5 inch IPS LCD panel with a Full HD resolution. The display is of good quality. The colors and brightness levels are accurate. It rendering is sharp and crispy. It has good viewing angles. Direct sunlight visibility is average. Overall, I would say that the display is decent and there is nothing extraordinary about it.

Camera Department – Fails Miserably

It has dual 13 MP camera setup at the back and an 8 MP selfie camera. Either of these camera clicks good shots. I am comparing the shots with similarly priced mobiles like the Mi A1 or the 10.or G. On the Billion Capture +, the images are not shart. The colors are not accurate. Focusing is slow and inaccurate. The front camera gives out poorly exposed images. It clicks dark selfies with not many details. The camera UI is sluggish and rudimentary. Overall, it is one of the worst camera phones in this price range.

Performance and Hardware – Satisfactory

It runs on Snapdragon 625 with either 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Billion Capture + does not have any heating issues. The gaming is smooth and has no visible frame drops. The graphics quality is average. The UI is handled smoothly and does not lag or hang. It has Gyro and the rest of the usual sensors. It also has FM radio. Performance of the Billion Capture + is satisfactory.

Software Department – Nothing to complain

Billion Capture + runs on Android 7.1 with Stock UI. It does not have any bloatware. It has a few apps that are made by Smartron. The camera, gallery, FM Radio and the Tron X cloud apps are all made by Smartron. The UI is fast and I have nothing to complain.

Battery Department – We have seen better

The mobile has a massive 3500 mAh battery and most of the mobile’s weight is due to its battery. It can be charged from 0-100% in 2.5 hours. Once charged the mobile lasts for little more than a day of moderate usage. With 3500 mAh battery and a mid-range processor, the battery performance could have been better. But we have seen better batteries in this price range.

Verdict – Not recommended

At a price of Rs 12999, the Billion Capture + does not impress me. It is Made in India, but it fails to capture the needs of most Indian consumers. Flipkart must have spent a little more time in parsing the Big Data they have. Billion Capture + is an immature concept. With similar specs, the Xiaomi Mi A1 has better camera, better design, similar performance and it is Android One mobile. At a similar price point, the 10.or G is a better mobile than the Billion Capture + in every single department. I would not recommend the Billion Capture + to anyone.


A Technology evangelist, Giridhar reviews gadgets and mobile applications. He is also a passionate photographer and a user experience designer by profession.