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HTC U Ultra shows all that is wrong with HTC

The problem with HTC is that they are not looking at the market trend and behaving as if they are going to create a trend. And this is a dangerous thought to have for a company that is struggling to sell phones. HTC U Ultra is an example that shows …

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Top 3 Flagship Mobiles of 2016

s7 edge

Flagship devices fall into two distinct categories. A flagship product is a symbol of pride for owners and pinnacle of technology offerings from the brand. But there is a new line of flagship devices that offer the same performance of the elite mobiles for a fraction of the price. So …

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Top 3 Camera Mobiles in 2016

Shot with S7 Edge

In the year 2016, it is estimated that about 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken and 80% of it is using mobile cameras. This is a huge number and it show how important mobile phone camera have become. The camera in the mobile is an integral part of our life. …

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Top 3 Mobiles of 2016 under Rs 10000

The most powerful magic number in the Indian mobile market is “Under Rs 10000”. Just by the sheer amount of queries I get for suggesting a mobile under Rs 10000, speaks about the popularity of this segment. A few years ago, a good smartphone has to be expensive and today …

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Top 3 Mobiles of 2016 under Rs 15000

Lenovo Moto G4 Plus

India is a very price sensitive market. While a major percentage of the users are yet to come on to the smartphone bandwagon, there are a bunch of people who want to upgrade to a better phone, but not spend too much. There are two magic numbers when it comes …

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The mobile with the Best Battery Life from 2016

Battery Life is a key point to consider while buying a mobile. What good is a mobile, if it has all the best features in the world, but runs out of battery when you start using those features? Mobiles with large battery life, tend to be bulky in size,. But …

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Top Bluetooth Speakers Rs 5000 can buy you


Everyone loves Bluetooth speakers. Everybody wants to buy one and most of all, everyone wants to gift it to someone. It is the easiest choice when it comes to gifting. But when it comes to actually choosing a Bluetooth speaker, the world goes haywire. Every electronic brand and a few …

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