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Top 10 features of the Jio Phone

The Jio Phone is here. It has been rumored, leaked and talked about a lot and now it has been launched by Reliance Jio. The Jio Phone is a feature phone with very limited smart phone capabilities. In fact, I would call it a cross over between a smart phone …

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Top 20 highlighting features of LG G6

LG G6 Features

LG G6 is a flagship champion from LG this year. It was announced at the MWC in February this year. It was launched in India for about Rs 52k and is now available for Rs 39k across all retail channels. It is one of the best LG mobiles I have …

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality [Tech Explained]

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Even before the Virtual Reality can literally take off, we now have Augmented reality. Tech pundits say that Augmented Reality (AR) is the future. AR has so much potential for innovation. If you are confused between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), here is an article explaining the differences. …

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10 ways to avoid over-heating in your Android mobile

mobile over heating

Before I tell you about the way to avoid heating in your Android mobile, let me tell you about heating and why it is an issue. Android mobiles are becoming more powerful these days. Research and Development in every mobile company is pushing the limits of engineering. Mobiles are becoming …

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iOS11 on iPhone 6 : Does it lag?

  Earlier this week, Apple has announced the next version of their famous iOS operating system, iOS 11. I installed this OS on my iPhone 6. This phone was released back in 2014 and has just 1GB of RAM and 1.4GHz dual core CPU. Looking at the specs on paper, …

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10 best looking smartphones in India

Everyone likes a phone that looks amazing and works really well. But a ‘great looking phone’ may not work well. Among hundreds and hundreds of phones, there are barely handful of phones that look really good and work really well. Here is a list of 10 best looking smartphones that …

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