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Best looking smartphones for October 2017

Everyone likes a phone that looks amazing and works really well. But a ‘great looking phone’ may not work well. Among hundreds and hundreds of phones, there are barely handful of phones that look really good and work really well. Here is a list of best looking smartphones that look …

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Mi Mix 2 launched in India – First impressions

Xiaomi is known for their mid-range budget mobiles in India. But it is also known for its elegant flagship devices elsewhere on this planet. Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not bring most of their flagship mobiles to India. But this year Xiaomi decided to bring the Mi Mix 2 to India. Mi …

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Apple iPod Nano : Lets walk down memory lane

That was the time when Apple was almost forgotten except in USA and in few European countries. Apple’s share now hovers around 150$ but back in early 2000s, the share price was less then 2$. Apple was on the verge of dying in 1997 when Steve Jobs took over and …

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Apple iPhone : one that killed Nokia

Before iPhone came, Nokia and Blackberry used to rule the smartphone industry. While feature phones had really interesting designs, smartphones were hideous and ugly. Smartphones in the 2000s used to look like bricks with physical qwerty keyboard and ugly user interfaces. When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone with a …

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