Fitmate Z1 – An accurate Fitness Band by ZAKK [Review]

Fitmate Z1 is a fitness band introduced by Zakk. Zakk is a UAE based company and they are operational in India since May this year. I have been using the Fitmate Z1 for about a week and here is my review.

In the Box

  • Fitmate Z1 Fitness band
  • User Manual
  • QR Code for the companion app (iOS and Android)

The box packaging is simple and gives a lot of information about the product.

Fitmate Z1


  • Touch Screen OLED Display
  • Button locking system
  • Integrated charging port
  • Water proof IP65
  • Multi-sport activity tracker
  • Sleep tracking
  • Find mobile


The band is made of soft rubber material. The tracker locks in the band and latches on to it at 3 points, securely. The band has a button system to lock. The fitness band is comfortable to wear in the hand. It is light weight and the material does not irritate the skin. It is soft and does not have sharp corners. The band locking system is pretty secure.

Fitmate Z1


The OLED display is about an inch diagonally. It is a touch screen and the orientation of the display can also be changed to suit your convenience. The display has decent brightness. Under strong direct sunlight, it is not visible. But most of us jog or engage in fitness activities, at dawn or dusk. At both these hours, the display is fairly visible. The touch sensitivity is very responsive. Flipping the wrist, will bring on the display and show you the time. The display also shows SMS, Caller ID, Notifications from Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Fitmate Z1


Using the band is pretty simple. After opening it from the pack, I downloaded the Fitmate app and paired it to my mobile without any problem. I am a fitness freak and I run a minimum of 3 km per day. I use Mi Band 2 regularly. Comparing to the Mi Band 2, I found the Fitmate band to be feature rich. It can track multiple sports activity like pushups, ab crunches, basket ball game and skipping. Switching between different activities was not a problem. Another nice feature I found on the band is the power off. For instance, if you are on a bike and don’t want the band to false track, you can just turn it off. I was unable to see the distance in the band, but the app had it. Getting on the sleep mode was automatic and if you want to manually enter sleep mode, you can do it as well, from the band. Overall, this is a user-friendly band.


Accuracy is one of the unique selling points of the Fitmate Z1. It lives up to its promise. Every time I run a 3 km or a 5 km circuit, it measures the distance accurately. You can leave the mobile at home and go for a jog with jut the band. But if you have the mobile app open with you, the App’s GPS tracking would help the accuracy even further. With or without the mobile with you, the Fitmate Z1 tracks steps accurately. The same cannot be said for pushups. But sit-ups and skipping are tracked accurately. Sleep tracking is accurate in terms of hours of sleep. But I am not sure about the deep sleep hours because I don’t have metric to prove it. Just comparing to Mi Band 2, sleep tracking accuracy is on par. It also reminds to get moving after 1 hour of inactivity.

Fitmate App

The app is very simple to use. It paired up with the band instantly and syncs data from it without any issue. You can set your target on the app and track your fitness. The also controls multiple setting on the band. Your sleep and fitness activity track history are synced with the app and visible on it. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.


I charged the mobile to 100% on the first day and it has been 5 days. The battery is now at 68%. I use the band every day with all notifications on. In my estimate, the band will last for more than 10 days on a single charge. I will update this section after a month. The tracker has a USB plug built-in and it does not need any external cable to charge. You can directly plug in the tracker to any USB port on a computer, charger or power bank. It takes about 2 hours to charge fully.

Fitmate Z1


The Fitmate Z1 Fitness tracker is priced at Rs 1799. It is available to buy from Amazon. At this price, it is cheapers than   Mi Band 2, Fasttrack Reflex and Lenovo HW01. Lenovo and Mi band have heart tracker, for those who need to track heartbeat during fitness activity. Fastrack Reflex and Lenovo HW01 fall back in terms of accuracy. Mi Band 2 does not track anything other than running or walking. Fitmate Z1 is accurate and also versatile in tracking multiple fitness activities. It looks a lot sleeker than the other bands and another advantage of the band is its charging mechanism. It does not need any proprietary wire or dongle to charge. Go for it, if you need an accurate and versatile fitness tracker that is comfortable to wear and looks stylish.

Link to Buy – Amazon |

If you buy from Zakklife, you can get an additional 100 Rs off, if you use the code “giri100”

I will revisit this review after using the tracker for a month. Stay tuned.



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  • Roy

    About connection – I have got the device and I don’t understand the app nor how to connect the device to the phone – completely lost – I have even looked for YouTube videos to help – may be I didn’t see something or missed out on something – your hep would be appreciated – cheers

    I bought the fitmate z1 .