Oneplus 6T – more storage, more battery at a cost – First impressions

Oneplus 6T is finally out in the wild. The industry has been speculating a lot about this mobile and there were some credible leaks that gave us away a lot of details about this mobile. Most of those details turned out to be true. After the global launch event in New York, Oneplus held a lavish event in Delhi, India. Oneplus had planned for simultaneous launch events in Delhi and New York, but they changed the New York dates to accomodate Apple Event on the same date. This speaks a lot about the brand and shows the level of importance they have for the community and especially the Indian Oneplus community. Oneplus has always been “all-about-community”. They may have launched their first mobile in the US, but their largest market right now is India. Oneplus knows that and respects that.

Pricing and Variants

Oneplus 6T is now launched in India and will be available for sale on Amazon, Croma and Reliance digital, as you are reading this. Oneplus 6T, base variant starts at 128 GB and is priced at Rs 37999.

6 GB RAM / 128 GB Storage – Rs 37999 (Mirror Black)
8 GB RAM / 128 GB Storage – Rs 41999 (Mirror Black and Midnight Black)
8 GB RAM /  256 GB Storage – Rs 45999 (Midnight Black)

Design – any different from Oneplus 6?

The design language is not drastically different from Oneplus 6. There are a few physical differences, but those are functional changes. Aesthetically, Oneplus 6T is similar to Oneplus 6. Functionally, the fingerprint sensor has been removed to be replaced by a cool new in-display fingerprint sensor. 3.5 mm audio jack has been debatable removed and the mobile is slightly bigger and marginally thicker to accommodate a bigger battery. The display is bigger and the bezels are thinner. We now have a beautiful drop notch, which is much better looking than the patch notch.

The curious case of 3.5mm jack

Oneplus, in the past has made fun of other brands when they removed the 3.5 mm audio jack. But they have finally conceded and removed the 3.5mm jack to accomodate a larger battery in a slim body. While most of you out there may feel bad about this, I see this as a futuristic decision. The future is wireless. Now that Oneplus has got rid of the 3.5 mm port, they will soon have wireless charging in their upcoming devices. While there are many practical disadvantages, change is inevitable and sometimes getting used to changes can be painful. Oh BTW, the new Oneplus Bullets earphones on USB-C, sounds pretty good with its dedicated DAC and it costs Rs 1490.

Smart Boost

Similar to Honor’s GPU Turbo, Oneplus has introduced Oppo’s Hyper Boost technology in Oneplus 6T and it is called Smart Boost. This technology, in simple words, is all about distribution of pay load on software and hardware appropriately to acheive better user experience while using resource intensive apps or games. For now, Smart boost only improves the app loading time and in the coming days, it will be expanded to achieve better frame rate and smoother graphics.

Nightscape and Studio Lighting

Heard about the awesome nightmode on Huawei P20 Pro or the Pixel 3XL? Well, that awesome feature is now on the Oneplus 6T. It is a software image processing technology to super-impose multiple images on a single image in low light to achieve better sharpness, brightness and dynamic range. Also we get improved portrait mode in rear and front camera with additional processing to stimulate studio lighting conditions. 

Otherwise, the camera hardware remains the same at Oneplus 6 and nothing untouched. I am a bit disappointed as I was expecting some improvement in the camera like a wide-angle or tele-lens or even a bigger pixel size. But the good news is, that all the software goodness of the camera app is coming to your Oneplus 6 as well.

Bigger Battery

Who doesn’t like more battery? Oneplus 6T now has a 3700 mAh battery compared to the 3300 mAh battery on Oneplus 6. I can’t conclude this section without mentioning my personal favorite Dash charger which will continue to power this Oneplus device as well.

My thoughts

Oneplus is constantly striving to improve and hence the T series. Oneplus 6T is a brave step towards the future. It gives me a clear idea on what Oneplus would bring in its upcoming futuristic devices. As for you, if you are debating about buying the Oneplus 6T, read this article of mine and if you fall in any of the category mentioned there, you might as well, swipe that card now at Amazon!

Press Note:

Customers on can purchase the OnePlus 6T in a Preview Sale starting 00:00 on 1 November during which they can avail INR 2000 cashback on all ICICI Bank debit and credit cards and Citibank credit cards. From 2 November 2018 onwards, the OnePlus 6T will be available on all online and offline channels including,, Croma stores, Reliance Digital outlets and all OnePlus exclusive offline stores with INR 1500 cashback on popular bank credit and debit cards.

The company will also be hosting pop-up events across 8 Indian cities, including Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad on 2 November 2018 starting 11:00 am. Users will be able to experience and purchase the powerful and stylish OnePlus 6T at these pop-up stores, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Across the globe, pop-ups will be held in 32 cities including New York, London, Paris, Milan and Beijing.

Additionally, customers are also entitled to the following launch offers:

  • Reliance Jio and OnePlus have come together to offer Jio-OnePlus 6T Unlock The Speed Offer that gives users an instant cashback of INR 5,400 in vouchers on the first prepaid recharge of Rs 299 on, Reliance Digital stores, MyJio Stores, Jio retailers and the MyJio app. Those availing the offer will get the cashback in the form of 36 vouchers worth Rs 150 each in the MyJio app. The plan will entitle them to 3GB 4G data per day with unlimited voice calls, SMS and access to Jio’s premium applications. Effectively, the offer will bring a total of 3TB of 4G data to the users over 36 recharges
  • INR 1000 extra cashback as Amazon pay balance on prepaid orders between 1-5 November 2018
  • No cost EMI for 6 months on between 1 and 5 November 
  • Free damage protection for 12 months from Kotak Servify
  • Discounts up to INR 500 on Amazon Kindle on


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