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Oppo A57 : How to change default application

While the default apps that come with the phone are okay to use, there are much better applications out there that provide more functionality. For example, True Caller fans would want True caller’s dialer app to be default Phone app. Some prefer Opera or Firefox to be the default browser application.  In this guide, we explain how to setup default applications on your Oppo A57 smartphone. We have compiled a few guides for Oppo A57. Head to this page to see the full list of guides.

Go to Settings -> Additional Settings.

Click on “Application Management”

You will now see a list of applications that are running. At the bottom, you should see ‘Default app management’. Click on this to open list of application types.


From this list, you can pick different applications to serve as default app for each category.


Here, you can change the default app for ‘Assist & Voice input’, browser, phone, SMS. Tap on the field and select the app from the list of apps displayed.

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  • Hassan Shaikh

    How can i fix it ? i dont want to use default message … ( for your messages security system message app has been set as the default message app )

    • download your preferred messenger from playstore, follow steps above you’ll see your installed messenger; replace it with default

      • Rhys

        This is not correct btw. The operating system will change the app back to the default SMS app as soon as you receive an SMS.

        • I realized that. Its so annoying.
          This is the only thing I hate about Oppo already

          • Rhys

            Yeah. I’m going to return mine tonight. I don’t feel like I should have to root my phone and risk bricking it just to use Signal.

          • Did they ever gave you a solution?

          • Rhys

            No, I just returned the phone to the retailer and got a Samsung instead. I think it’s a security feature build into the Oppo OS.

          • That really sucks!
            Its an android phone for Christ’s sake and its custimizable. They’re being mean

        • Simon

          Yessss.. security centre seems to be changing the default SMS app back, and I can’t find any setting in security that will prevent this.

          • Rhys

            Yep. I returned the phone and bought a more expensive Samsun.

  • That was pretty helpful lol

  • Kevin

    Found this on another forum:

    “Whatever settings you change for the messaging will not make any difference, the phone will always revert to the default app. I took this up directly with OPPO and had the following response: “We decided not to allow customer to set 3rd party applications as default message application, for security of the devices cannot be guaranteed. We also want to let you experience our built-in application and to be spared from the malfunction like virus, bug or etc.”

    As Oppo are China origin, their phones would be designed to permit government access as basically that’s how the CCP monitor their citizens.

    So the stock messaging app can never be changed to protect against encrypted messaging, as this facility is being knowingly passed on by Oppo to non Chinese consumers.

  • Gita Mahinder

    Is this phone has a video calling option without 3rd party app…It is inbuilt in phone or we have to download other app for video call?

    • bandla

      You need a 3rd party application.