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Nokia 3, 5 and 6 with Android launched in India

Nokia 3

Nokia mobiles with Android, finally will be available in India. After years of wait, Nokia is back and now it is handled by HMD. Nokia 3, 5 and 6 have been launched in India at competitive price. Not embracing Android has been a fatal mistake for Android and it was …

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Smartlocks at Nestaway homes, is this the future?

smartlock nestaway

NestAway Technologies, a Home Rental solutions startup based out of Bangalore has introduced SmartLocks in their properties. NestAway is a one-stop solution for urban migrants trying to find a rental home. With NestAway’s seamless process, over 25000 tenants have been connected with over 7000 owners. NestAway’s network is growing everyday …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : Check warranty and Find Service Center

Its a headache to find the list of service centers. Sometimes, internet would be slow, sometimes, its hard to find the right website to find the list of service centers. What if you are not connected to internet and you need to find service center? Honor EMUI 5.0 comes with built …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : How to OTG update your phone

Some prefer that their phone is udpated often while other prefer not to get updates as they fear that updates may slow down the phone or cause bugs that are hard to live with. In this guide, we help you setup whether your phone should be updates or not, how …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : Change notification sounds

One of the irritating things with these OSes is that by default most touch sound and notifications sounds are enabled. These include sound for unlock/lock the phone, sound when a photo is taken, sound when you click on the screen, sound when you are typing. It is very easy to …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : Settings that benefit at night

At night we rarely use our smartphone. At home, we usually stick to TV or spend time with family or use tablet PC. Even when we use, it is better to use with reduced blue light emission. In this guide, we explain how to improve battery life and reduce the …

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