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Samsung announces production of 20nm LP-DDR3

Samsung has announced that production of ultra high speed 4 gigabit new generation of LPDDR3 RAM that is also low on power, manufactured using a 20nm fabrication process. LPDDR RAM is mostly used in devices like smartphones and tablets and now, the LPDDR3 matches the performance of standard DRAM manufactured …

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Verizon launches Cloud storage for customers

A new day and a new cloud storage solution comes up. Unlike other new services, this one comes with a price tag. As long as you keep the storage usage under 500MB, you need not pay any money for cloud service and the paid services start at $2.99 per month …

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Belkin Thunderbolt Express dock is available now for $299

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock is one of the most anticipated Thunderbolt accessories in this year. The dock comes with a variety of ports to connect to and you can access upto eight desktop devices using just one cable (connected from dock to PC). The dock has 2x Thunderbolt ports (one …

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