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Phyn Plus water monitoring solution to detect leaks and show water usage statistics

Phyn Plus is an innovative smart water monitoring solution, created by joint venture of Belkin and Uponor, to monitor water usage and detect leaks. Phyn Plus will be available for purchase starting late spring for $850 exclusively through the Uponor Pro Squad, a nationwide network of expertly trained plumbers and water specialists. At launch, Uponor Pro Squad members will be available in 30 key markets with the highest prevalence of leaks, water usage and aggressive water.

“We have been following Phyn’s development from its early stages and featured it in several demonstration homes,” says Jacob Atalla, Vice President of Sustainability at KB Home. “We’re glad that Phyn, in collaboration with our longtime plumbing partner Uponor, is now reaching the wider market. We are enthusiastic about the launch of Phyn Plus and its potential to integrate smart plumbing into our evolving concept of a smart home.”

“Uponor has always been a strong supporter of the plumbing and building trades,” says Bill Gray, president, Uponor North America. “Now, with the help of this new venture into smart home technology, plumbers can position themselves as market leaders and build their businesses, while helping to advance the plumbing industry into the digital age.”

“Water is our most precious natural resource and an essential part of our daily lives. However, it is often underappreciated and the plumbing system that conveys it, overlooked. We have invested over a decade of R&D, sensing and deciphering water’s digital fingerprint and mapping the complexities of water systems,” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “Backing from global leaders Belkin and Uponor has enabled us to bring the most accurate leak detection solution to market while also allowing us to quickly scale and introduce new features that add value and enhance the consumer experience.”

Phyn Plus Key Specifications

  • HD Pressure Sensing. Phyn measures micro changes in pressure – 240 times a second – to fingerprint the unique signatures of each fixture and catch plumbing issues ranging from the smallest pinhole leaks to faucet drips and frozen pipes.
  • Algorithm. Advanced algorithms that analyze multidimensional sensor data from pressure, flow, and temperature sensors provide a high definition view of a home’s plumbing system that accurately determines whether something is a leak or normal water usage. Phyn uses a state-of-the art ultrasonic flow sensor custom engineered by Badger Meters, a global leader in flow measurement and control technology with more than 110 years of water metering expertise and innovation.
  • Deepest Data Set. Through an extensive year-long pilot, Phyn collected over 10 billion data points across 10 million water events such as toilet flushes, shower and sink flows, irrigation and various leaks that trained the Phyn platform to accurately identify water activity and make Phyn Plus ready-to-go the moment it is installed.



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