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How to remove advertisements in Redmi Note 7 pro / Note 7

Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro have been launched in India at competitive prices. Redmi mobiles are known for their value for money. Xiaomi has made a decision to not to earn more than 5% profit from their hardware business. So they have turned to other ways to compensate. Ad revenue is one of their ways to earn money. Please understand that there is nothing wrong, morally or ethically, in earning money from ads. Blogs and Youtube videos survive on ad monetization. These are some great mobiles offering very good performance and good value for money. The issue of ads, must not hamper your decision to buy these mobiles. But if you feel that the ads are intrusive and hampering your user experience, here are some ways to get rid of ads.

1. Disable while setting up the mobile

When you get the Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 7 pro mobile out of the box and go through the setup process, disable Personalized ad recommendations. This is very important and if you have skipped this process, I would recommend you to do a factory reset and then choose it from the setup screen again, as shown above.

2. Disable Ad Recommendations in Settings

Go to Settings > Privacy > Ad services. Now uncheck and disable “Personalized ad recommendations”

3. Disable Ad recommendations in every Mi app

MIUI does not have ads showing up on native mobile apps like dialer or sms. But it has a few value added apps and ads are shown across these apps.

  1. Mi Browser – Settings > Privacy and Security – Disable recommend for you
  2. File Manager – Settings > About – Disable Recommendations
  3. Mi Video – Account > Settings – Disable online recommendations.
  4. Security – Settings – Disable Receive recommendations
  5. Cleaner – Brush icons > Settings – – Disable Receive recommendations
  6. Manage Apps – Settings – Disable Recommendations
  7. Boost Speed – Settings – Disable Receive recommendations
  8. Themes – Settings – Disable Recommendations

3. Uninstall other MIUI apps

Uninstall all the MIUI apps, which you can unistall.

4. Disable App Vault

App vault is seen on the left slide of the home page. This has a lot of ads streaming in it. On Home screen, long press to open settings. Disable “Turn on App Vault”

5. Disable Promoted Apps

MIUI comes with a few apps installed by default. You can install them right away. But some of the apps are kept in folders. Open folders and tap on the name of the folder. Now you will see an option to disable Promoted Apps. Disable it and you will not see app recommendations.

6 Disable from App store

While installing any app, MIUI does a security check and there is an ad in this screen. Hit the settings icon on this screen and disable Receive recommendations.

These steps have proven to be very effective for me. I have been using the Redmi Note 7 Pro from over a week now and I don’t see a single ad. But if you still manage to see ads, the frequency will be much lesser than what you have seen earlier. These steps must work for all mobiles with MIUI 10. Let us know in the comments below if these steps have been useful for you. Also if you have discovered any other new trick to do the same, do share.


A Technology evangelist, Giridhar reviews gadgets and mobile applications. He is also a passionate photographer and a user experience designer by profession.

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