Samsung Galaxy S8 will rule the markets, here are the reasons

Finally, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone are announced. Revealed at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event held in New York, Samsung took the wraps off of the pair of flagship smartphones. In this post, we explain why the S8 and S8+ are going to be the phones that will rule Android markets across the globe and will also stand up to current generation as well as next generation iPhones.


Gone are those days when you have fat bezels around the display. When it comes to designing great displays, there is no match to Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Infinity Display. The 2K resolution Super AMOLED display is breathtaking to look at. Given that the bezels are almost non existent, the display looks so stunning that LG G6 with similar display looks old already.  If you think Galaxy S7 Edge had a gorgeous display, you should see the display on the Galaxy S8 and your hands will automatically look for your wallet.


This phone is an absolute stunner. Phones like Mi Mix came with border less display but I think that Samsung’s and LG’s approach of leaving a bit of bezel at the top and bottom is way way better idea as the display is not easily shattered by fall and it gives room to place all the sensors (Like Camera) where they are meant to be. It makes holding the phone in portrait mode easier as your fingers will not cover the left side of the display. The phone takes the S7’s perfect design to the next level. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has display that is bigger than the Galaxy S7 Edge and yet is smaller than the S7 Edge.


The end result is a phone that looks so stunning that even the LG G6 with its similar display looks old tech. The way that Samsung blends display and body together is sheer art! The incredible edge to edge screen that smoothly flows into the aluminum shell is unmatched by any other Android phone and we guess the only company that can make a design to beat this is busy till September in Cupertino.

The home button is gone and is now onscreen. Thanks to 3D pressure sensitive touch screen, you can emulate long press etc like how it is done on iPhone 6s and 7. The fingerprint sensor is moved to the back of the phone and given that there is face recognition tech built in, you will never have a need to use the fingerprint sensor.

Water and dust resistance, Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S8, like the Galaxy S7, supports IP68 certified water and dust resistance. You can dip the Galaxy S8 in water for up to 30 minutes (max depth being 1.5 metres). Also, the Galaxy S8 supports wireless charging. This is not the ancient wireless charging tech that takes forever to charge. The new generation wireless charging is much faster but not as fast the Quick Charge 3.0 wired chargers.

Iris Scanner

You can now unlock your phone just be looking at it. Thanks to the Iris scanner built into the phone, you only need to life the phone or look at the phone to unlock it.

The Iris scanner is placed above the display. To unlock the phone using Iris scanner, you need to take the phone to your eye level and align eyes to twin circles that you see on the screen. This will be hard at first but then once you get used to it, it will be super easy and super quick.

3.5mm headphone jack and AKG headset

Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with the good old 3.5mm headphone jack. Yes, you need not worry about investing in bluetooth headphones. The S8 will have the 3.5mm audio jack. Also, Samsung will be bundling AKG in-ear headphones. AKG is known for making very good quality and audiophile great audio products and it is great to see Samsung adding AKG headset in the bundle.

Samsung DeX

The DeX Station can be used to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer monitor and turn it into a desktop. The dock provides two USB 2.0 ports, ethernet port, USB Type-C power that can also charge the phone, a cooling fan. The phone is charged using Adaptive Fast Charging tech. The DeX Station will be available globally with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and may be offered as a packaged bundle depending on region.

Leveraging the processing power of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ for enhanced productivity, Samsung DeX is a unique solution that transforms your smartphone into a desktop by providing a secure desktop-like experience. With Samsung DeX, users can easily display and edit data from their phone, making working from a smartphone faster and smarter.



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