Samsung Gear Smartwatches Get iOS Apps

Samsung has finally released the much-awaited Gear apps for iOS, allowing you to manage your Gear smartwatches using your iPhone. Using these apps, you can finally pair your Samsung Gear smartwatches with an iPhone. This expands the compatibility of the Gear smartwatches to iOS – Samsung’s smartwatches were previously compatible only with Android devices.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has released two Gear apps. The first app lets you manage your Gear smartwatches, namely the Gear S2 and Gear S3. The second app lets you manage theĀ Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker. Using these two apps, you can set up and pair your Gear accessories with the iPhone.

Apart from pairing, the Gear S app will let you download and install apps on your Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches. The app also supports pushing notifications to the Gear watches. Lastly, it will also let you sync your health and fitness data to its S Health service.

The Gear Fit app, on the other hand, will let you push notifications to the Gear Fit 2 from the iPhone. Health data syncing is also possible using the Gear Fit app.

You can download the Gear S and Gear Fit apps for free from the App Store below.



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