Six Best Smart Televisions under Rs 35000

Smart TVs are very affordable and thanks to the digital revolution in India, the demand for Smart TV have also gone up. With so many brands in India, new and old, offering Smart TV, it has become increasingly difficult to choose one. Fortunately the price of owning a smart TV has also come down drastically. So here is a curated list of six Best Smart Televisions that you can choose from without having to spend a huge amount.

Here are my curation criteria for the Best Smart Televisions priced at around Rs 35000, in India.

  • It has to be a full HD resolution panel, minimum (4K is a plus).
  • Sales and Service must be available easily.
  • Good value for money (around Rs 35000)
  • Must be wall-mountable
  • Must have enough ports to help connect multiple devices to it

1. Cloudwalker 43SU 4K UHD TV (43 inches) 

Cloudwalker is an Indian startup, based out of Mumbai. They have launched multiple TV models ranging from 23 inch to 65 inch. I have personally used the curved 55 inch 4K UHD smart TV. I find the 43 inch TV to be suited for more homes. Also this 43 inch TV is the only model that is priced at Rs 35999 with a 4K UHD panel. I found myself very surprised at the price tag. Cloudwalker 43SU is priced aggressively. For this price, you get a 10 W x 2 Speaker, 60 Hz panel refresh rate, Android Kitkat 4.4 with Cortex Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM | 8GB Storage, Smart TV with Live TV & Smart Search for Digital Content (CDE).

With this specification, you can download and install any Android app without any restriction. The content delivery engine (CDE) is an intelligent content curation engine, that would help you discover content from multiple sources.

For an Android TV, I found the TV to be really fast. Switching between apps or screens was very fast. The included Smart Magic Remote is also an Air mouse. It is very easy to use, but it could have come with lesser buttons. The TV can also be controlled with an app called C-Share which is available for both Android and iOS. You can also watch the TV on your mobile with this app. Overall, the Cloudwalker TV has endless features to offer and all it needs is a buyer who is willing to see beyond brand value. Sales is only via Flipkart and they have a third-party vendor to cater to all service needs across 250+ cities in India.

This is the only model in this segment with 4K UHD resolution. This model is editor’s pick from our list of Best Smart Televisions.

Best Price – Rs 35999Flipkart

2. Sony Bravia W562D (32 inches) 

When it comes to television, there is no brand in the market that can compete with Sony Bravia, in terms of picture quality. Sony TVs were very expensive and only the ones with deep pockets picked up one. I was surprised to find a Sony Bravia TV at under Rs 35000. The Sony Bravia W562D is a Smart TV, but not Android. It has Youtube and Netflix app in it. It can mirror your mobile and you can share photos on the TV. The Full HD display with Bravia engine is brilliant and the sound system complements the video quality. It can play a number of file formats and also FM Radio. It is a Full HD TV with 60 Hz refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming and other entertainment needs.

Sony Bravia W562D (32 inches)
Sony Bravia W562D (32 inches)

Best Price – Rs 32500Amazon

3. TCL L49P10FS (49 inches)

TCL is no new name to the TV industry. The brand has recently made a comeback in the Indian market and they have released the bunch of Android Smart TVs. The L49P10FS model is a 49 inch model. Apart from a plethora of ports, it also have bluetooth connectivity. It has a Full HD panel with 60 Hz refresh rate. Being an Android TV, it supports a bunch of apps for all your Smart TV needs. TCL sales is only through Amazon in India and it also offers service in many cities. However, I would advice buying a TCL TV only if you are in metros or the cosmos. This the largest TV in this segment.

TCL 123 cm (49 inches) L49P10FS-min
TCL 123 cm (49 inches) L49P10FS

Best Price – Rs 30990Amazon

4. Panasonic TH40DS500D (40 inches)

The Panasonic TH40DS500D has been around in the market for a long time. It is a very dependable model and you can buy it without any second thoughts. The list price of this TV is Rs 46990, but the best price is Rs 34990. It is not Android TV, but it has apps like Youtube and Netflix built in. It gets regular software updates. The sound quality of this TV is best in class and hence it gets a place on our Best Smart Televisions list.

Panasonic TH-40DS500D
Panasonic TH-40DS500D

Best Price – Rs 34990Amazon

5. LG LH604T (32 inches)

Next in our list of “Best Smart Televisions” is the LG LH604T. This LG models runs on WebOS and is faster than any Android based Smart TV. The Full HD TV has a very good IPS display and LG is known for its display quality. You can share photos from mobile and also cast screen to the TV. If you are picking this TV, you would be doing it only for the sheer quality of display and the value for money.

LG 80 cm (32 inches) 32LH604T
LG 80 cm (32 inches) 32LH604T

Best Prices – Rs 30000Amazon

6. Samsung 32K5570 (32 inches)

I have included a Samsung model in the list, only because there are people who are die hard fans of Samsung. This model is priced at Rs 35000, but it is still a 32 inch TV, making it more expensive than Sony with the same offering. It is a custom OS TV with a bunch of apps installed. The display is vibrant, but it feels over-saturated. Some people may prefer dramatic display and this TV is for those. Again, this is only for the Samsung fans.

Samsung 81 cm (32 inches) 32K5570-min
Samsung 81 cm (32 inches) 32K5570

Best Price – Rs 35000Amazon

Disclaimer. The list is to show you all the available options in this segment and price category, so you can make an informed decision. The author or the publication may or may not have physically inspected the product, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned. The recommendation is based on educated understanding of the technology, market and the consumer requirement. 



A Technology evangelist, Giridhar reviews gadgets and mobile applications. He is also a passionate photographer and a user experience designer by profession.

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