Spice up your desk with Xiaomi YI Light

Xiaomi makes lovely accessories apart from mobile phones. The Smart desk lamp, Xiaomi Yi Light is one of my all time favorite. Yi Light comes in many variants. There is a Yi Bulb, Yi RGB bulb and then the desktop lamp, Yi Light. Unfortunately, these products are not available in India. But it is quite easy to buy them. I bought mine from and I also have a link to the product below. It was delivered in 15 days and I did not have to pay any customs on it.

In the box

Inside the simple box, you get the Light along with an instruction manual in Chinese/Mandarin and a power adapter. The lamp cannot be connected to USB port. But the power adapter will work in India.


The Yi Light is a cubical lamp with more than 2/3 of its body being the lamp. The base has a rubber gasket to help it prevent from slipping. The top has a power button and a scene selection button. The entire top is touch sensitive and rotating on it controls brightness. The design is elegant and its presence spices up the look of your desk.


The Yi Light can be used without pairing it with the mobile as well. But it is best experienced with a paired mobile. The companion app is Mi Home, available on the play store. Make sure you choose your region as Mainland China. The app will instantly detect the presence of Yi Light and will establish a Bluetooth pairing with it. WiFi connection is optional.

Using the Yi Light

Most of the features can be used directly on the lamp. But there are certain nifty features that need the mobile.

  1. Changing the Hue light color
  2. Scheduled power on/off
  3. Changing the color scheme in the Flow scene
  4. Sleep timer
  5. Night mode
  6. Wake up light
  7. Pairing with Mi Band, so when the Mi Band detects you are asleep, the light can be programmed to be switched off.

The rest of the features like White light mode, switching to Hue, White or Flow mode, adjusting brightness can all be done directly on the lamp controls. .

The entire look of my desk has changed after decorating it with a simple Yi Light. I wish Xiaomi brings such a nice product to India. Until then you can always get it from Gearbest. It is priced at around $55 but always look out for offer. You can also use coupon “HOME” for special price.

If you are looking for a cheaper non-smart table lamp, check out a variety of 3D projected acrylic lamps at Gearbest. This lamp can be connected to USB port. The light is projected on a acrylic transparent sheet. There are many designs available and I have chosen the double heart design for myself.



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