How to take better time-lapse videos?

You must have definitely come across time-lapse videos. time-lapse photography is a way of recording a video by clicking frames at set interval over a long period of time and then making it into a video. Though shot over a long period of time, the video moves fast and says a long story in a short and beautiful way.  Time-lapse videos can be shot in many creative ways, but here are the basic tips to shoot them.

#1 Choice of location

Choice of location is very crucial in time-lapse photography. You need to find the right spot to place your camera. The camera has to be placed in a way so that it captures the action, but doesn’t get damaged. The camera is placed in the same spot for a long time. So make sure that it is protected properly. It must not be an intrusion to anyone. You can put up a hand written note or some sort of sign to warn people about the camera. But it is better to find a secure location. It must also protect the gear from rain, sun or wind.

#2 Steady Tripod

Unlike the popular belief, that lighter gear needs light tripods, tripods always need to be sturdy and strong, especially for time-lapse photography. You need to choose the right tripod for your gear. The basic requirement here is to have a steady tripod, securing the gear for a long period of time, without shaking or moving due to any force or disturbance.
Time lapse setup
If I am using my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera, I would prefer my Manfrotto Tripod. If I am shooting with my action camera or mobile, I shoot with Bexin.

#3 Choice of Gear

If you are using a DSLR or a Camera that does not have a time-lapse mode, then you may need to buy an intervalometer. Intervalometer clicks shots on your camera at set intervals over a set period of time. But you will have to use a software to stitch all these photos into a video. Most mobile phones and action camera these days come with time-lapse mode. Wide angle lens is best suited for landscape time-lapse like moving clouds, busy traffic or market. Any lens would suffice to click flowering or movement within a confined space. I would prefer any gear that has a built-in time lapse mode. Mobile phones are my go-to choice for time-lapse photography. But whenever I get a chance, I love to use my Xiaomi Yi Action camera.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

#4 Creative Gear – Pan head

Panoramic moving time-lapse videos are captivating and beautiful. A simple pan head mounted between your camera and the tripod can add a lot of drama to your time-lapse videos. I found two pan heads on and they are both very convenient to use. These pan-heads are simple to use and easy to carry. They don’t require any complex connections or battery. Just a simple spring winding system and a variety of camera gear can be mounted on it. Once the timing is set, these heads rotate slowly with the camera mounted on them, giving a slow panning effect for your time-lapse videos.
1. AT381 360 Degrees Tilt Head: Coupon: GBCE Price:$15.16
Time lapse setup Time lapse setup Time lapse setup


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