Top 3 Mobiles of 2016 under Rs 15000

India is a very price sensitive market. While a major percentage of the users are yet to come on to the smartphone bandwagon, there are a bunch of people who want to upgrade to a better phone, but not spend too much. There are two magic numbers when it comes to mobile pricing. Rs 10000 and Rs 15000. The mobiles under Rs 15000 are mid segment mobiles are it is suited for anyone wanting to graduate from an entry-level mobile.

I asked our readers to choose the best mobiles unders Rs 15000, without mentioning the price factor. I asked them to “Choose your best budget mobile of the year 2016”. Here are the choices given to them.

  • Leeco Le 2 – Review
  • Moto G4 Plus – Review
  • Honor 5c – Review
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime – Review
  • Asus Zenfone Max (2016) – Review
  • Lenovo K5 Note
  • Oppo F1s

All these mobiles are priced between Rs 10000 and Rs 15000. The winners on this segment are:

No 1: Moto G4 Plus

When you pay Rs 15000 for the G4 plus, you get a sturdy device with clean and latest Android experience. The G4 offers the best camera in this price range. Though the size of the device has become large, it is still comfortable to use, owing to its thin and flat design. Turbo charge is very convenient and the device has a very good display. The performance of the Moto G4 plus is average, but it will take you through you day-to-day task, without any hiccups. The fingerprint scanner is uber fast. Snapdragon 617 does not heat up like the 615 and the device has managed to stay cool even while continuous gaming. The design is not a head turner and you may find it boring. I wish it had water proofing like the G3. Like the other Moto G mobiles, Moto G4 is one of the best mid range mobile out there in the market and it is a clear winner in this segment.

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No 2: Redmi Note 3

The Redmi Note 3 is clearly the most popular mobile in this segment in this year. The mobile has a whooping 4000 mAh battery. It is priced at Rs 12000 and at this price, it has got a smooth user experience and performance. MIUI 8 also got a bunch of new and exciting features on the Redmi Note 3. The design of the Note 3 is flat, elegant and ergonomic. All this put together the Redmi Note 3 is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a mid level mobile under Rs 12000.

No 3: Leeco Le 2

Le 2 is a powerhouse packed in a sleek package and priced under Rs 12k. The mobile was bold and unconventional by ditching the 3.5 mm audio jack to introduce music over USB-C in this segment. For Rs 11999 you get a beautifully crafted mobile, decent camera, amazing CDLA audio experience, fast UI and a decent display. Of all the mobiles under Rs 15000, the Le 2 has the best performance. But the design is such that, it has low repairability. Also it is not available in other options except rose gold, which may not be prefered by many. But just for its performance, camera and price the mobile is among the Top 3 mobiles under Rs 15000.

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Honorable Mention: Honor 5C

Apart from these 3 mobiles, the Honor 5C is a noteworthy mobile in this segment. The size of the mobile is compact and highly ergonomic. The design is slick and sturdy. EMUI, the software layer on Honor 5c is very interesting. It is highly functional and feature rich. Huawei has done a good job in optimizing Android M for Honor 5c. The display is decently pleasant. Overall Honor 5c is money well spent and you would never regret buying it.

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While these 3 mobiles are mainly available online, the offline market saw the rise of 2 mobile this year. The Vivo Y55L and Oppo F1s. Both these mobiles were popular choice for any one looking to buy a mobile from a physical shop. These mobiles had decent performance and excellent service network. But when it comes to performance or camera, these 2 mobiles stand way back in the line, in this segment, compared to the G4, Note 3 or the Le 2.


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