Top 5 reasons to buy Sandisk Ultra Dual drive

USB Pendrives have been around for a long time and have been evolving in design and functionality. Sandisk is a leading USB drive manufacturer and they have come up with a quality product, the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive. This is a USB drive that has dual USB plugs for both the PC and Mobile. Though the concept may not be new, Sandisk has improved on its earlier versions of the Dual Drive and new we have the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive and Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0. I have been using the 32 GB storage variant of the Dual Drive m3.0 for quite some time. It supports USB 3.0 for faster data transfer speeds. The Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive may not have USB 3.0 support, but it is smaller, sleeker and cheaper than the m3.0. So here are 5 reasons, why you would need a Sandisk Ultra Dual drive.


1. Convenience

Mobile phones these days have hybrid SIM card slot and some don’t support memory expansion. But the need for larger storage is always on the rise. Most mobiles these days support USB OTG and the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive makes use of that. It can fit into the USB port on your PC and copy data to it. Without the need for any extra OTG cable, you can plug in the Sandisk Ultra pen drive directly to the mobile and consume the data on your mobile. On your mobile, you can take a backup, move data, free up storage, view files, transfer data and much more. It is very convenient and adds a lot of utility value to your life.


2. Portability

The Sandisk Ultra pen drive is small in size and lightweight. It is available in multiple storage capacities. So this storage drive can be carried around with you in your pocket or bag with ease. Extra memory is available on demand while you are on the move and it can be used on either mobile or computer.


3. Reliability

When it comes to storage reliability, I always trust Western Digital and Sandisk. I use a 32 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card on my mobile and I also have a 2 TB Western Digital Elements external hard disk. Based on my positive experience, I trust on the Sandisk Ultra pen drive with my data. It also adds a layer of reliability to the data on your mobile with its Sandisk Memory zone app. With this app, you can take backups of your mobile data at regular interval and be assured of the data being safe.


4. Usability

If it is not usable, it’s not sellable. The Sandisk Ultra pen drive is very convenient and easy to use. All you need to use these drive is to plug them on to the device and start using it. There is no need for extra drivers to be installed or extra cables to be untangled.

5. Affordability

The Sandisk Ultra pen drive is available for less than Rs 500 for the 16 GB. The price is very much affordable and I would say it is a great value for money. It is available in multiple storage options and in my opinion, they are priced appropriately.

If you are looking to buy a pen drive to be used on the go, then check out the links below.

SanDisk Dual Drive
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