Xiaomi retains #1 position in China in Q1 2015

Xiaomi has retained the top position as a smartphone vendor in its home market China. The company sent out a tweet citing a report from a research firm IHS Technology. The low cost high value market player retained its lead with a 14% marketshare of the Chinese market.

According to the report released by IHS Technology, the 99 million smartphones a quarter Chinese market had extremely stiff competition, with companies fighting hard for every single million devices sold. Xiaomi was the only company successful in defeating its closest competitors Huawei and Apple by a big margin of 3%. Huawei and Apple both retained the second and third positions respectively with a share of 11% each.

Xiaomi is also focusing much more on markets other than China. The company recently announced the Redmi 2, Redmi Note and the Mi 4i, the latter even gaining an entry in to our Smartphone Recommendation List.




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