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Nokia X - What does it mean for the Indian Mobile Market?

Nokia X

Nokia's secret project, the Nokia Normandy was finally unveiled to the world at the Mobile world congress this year in February. Like the rest of the world we were also excited about this particular initiative from Nokia. Nokia being recently acquired by Microsoft, the Nokia Normandy project was questioned by tech pundits and market analysts around the world. But Nokia took a bold move and shut them all with the launch of the Nokia X series of devices. For a starter, 3 Nokia X devices were launched. The Nokia X, X+ and XL. They run on Android Open Source platform.

KitKat takes 2.5pc share, Gingerbread still on 19pc Android devices

note: above marketshare numbers denote % of total share

For last few months, Jellybean has been pulling major chunks of share among Android versions and this month, we get to see the ugliness of fragmentation. Though JellyBean improved its marketshare to 62%, the growth was only by 1.3%. Gingerbread, which came out way back in the year 2010 has managed to hold on to 2nd in market share, with 19% marketshare (down by just 1% from Feb'14).

Sony Socialife news app is now available for all smarpthones and for Windows 8 modern UI

If you are having hard time following Facebook posts, tweets, youtube videos, blog posts and news articles, you can now download Socialife application from Sony to your Android smartphone and have all those updates accumulated in one place. Till now, Socialife was available only for Sony devices and today, this restriction is lifted, giving every Android smartphone user a chance to give this a try. Do note that to install Socialife, your Android smartphone should have 4.1 or higher version of Android.