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Android Nougat: How to update your phone

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There are different ways to update Android OS. You can download the patch/ROM and apply it manually but the easiest way is to use settings application. Most of the time, the OS looks for updates and throws a notification when there is an update. Also, do not miss our “Recommended Smartphones”  …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : How to OTG update your phone

Some prefer that their phone is udpated often while other prefer not to get updates as they fear that updates may slow down the phone or cause bugs that are hard to live with. In this guide, we help you setup whether your phone should be updates or not, how …

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Honor EMUI 5.0 : Change notification sounds

One of the irritating things with these OSes is that by default most touch sound and notifications sounds are enabled. These include sound for unlock/lock the phone, sound when a photo is taken, sound when you click on the screen, sound when you are typing. It is very easy to …

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