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Vivo V5 : How to change default application

While the default apps that come with the phone are okay to use, there are much better applications out there that provide more functionality. For example, True Caller fans would want True caller’s dialer app to be default Phone app. Some prefer Opera or Firefox to be the default browser …

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Vivo V5 : How to hide unwanted icons on home screen

Most of the phones coming out of China come without application drawer. Similar to iOS, all the applications are stored on home screens. This creates lot of clutter as you do not want apps like ‘SwiftKey’ ‘truecaller’ visible all the type as these apps are like ‘setup and forget’. We …

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Vivo V5 : How to share internet from your phone

Every smartphone these days come with option to share internet connection. This means that you can setup your phone as a wireless router. This helps a lot for those who are always on the go and need to connect their laptop or tablet to internet. With Jio, Airtel etc offering …

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Vivo V5 : How to change Themes

Themes is one of the most popular applications that come bundled on Android phones. Unlike iOS where you only get to use rows and rows of icons and folders, Android lets you customize every part of the OS. Thanks to iThemes, the Vivo V5 lets you use themes. In this …

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