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Facebook Trusted Contacts is redesigned Trusted Friends

Trusted Friends was a feature introduced in 2011 as a means to recover your account when you are not able to log in  This month, Facebook did a complete redesign for Trusted Friends and evolved it into ‘Trusted Contacts’. If you forget your Facebook account password, all you need to do …

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Microsoft finishes Hotmail to migration

Atlast, after decades of being comparatively inferior e-mail service, Hotmail is now officially dead as Microsoft has successfully completed migrating all Hotmail users to If you have never heard of, it is a relatively new email service that is regarded as one of the best available now and …

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Samsung announces production of 20nm LP-DDR3

Samsung has announced that production of ultra high speed 4 gigabit new generation of LPDDR3 RAM that is also low on power, manufactured using a 20nm fabrication process. LPDDR RAM is mostly used in devices like smartphones and tablets and now, the LPDDR3 matches the performance of standard DRAM manufactured …

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