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Australia abandons plan to filter internet content

Government of Australia, after testing and analyzing has decided to use Interpol’s ‘worst of’ list to filter child abuse site list. The original plan was to filter as much illegal content as they can.Started in 2007, the controversial internet filter was tested and modified and after many delays and reports …

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Mushkin 30 GB Atlas deluxe is worlds fastest mSATA SSD

With speeds of 555MBps read, 365MBps write, 4KB random read/write, IOPS up to 92,000/70,000, Mushkin Atlas deluxe is the fastest 30GB mSATA SSD in the world. “Atlas deluxe is one of the top mSATA SSDs on the market today, having won Editor’s Choice from for delivering ‘top performance at …

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Nokia N9 mega review part1

First of all a big thanks to Nokia Connects for sending this amazing device for review. And a big thanks to Giridhar for the N9’s snaps. When I last did a review of X7 (for mobigyaan), people to whom I showed the device used to say ‘hmm. Symbian is dead right?’ There is this lack of interest towards the …

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